Canada Offering the Best Wine and the best Wine Tour

Most often, wine is called the gift of the gods, divine nectar or a charming drink. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that wine is very popular among the inhabitants of the Earth. In the last decade, interest in him has grown so much that even there have appeared special tourist destinations – the so-called wine tours. What is it and what is important to know, before you go to get acquainted with the wine of this or that region – read in our article.

What is a wine tour?

Let’s start with the basics. What is a wine tour? This is a tourist route, the main purpose of which is to acquaint the traveler with the national wine heritage of the chosen region. Usually such tours are held in the countryside, in the immediate place where vineyards grow, and also there is a winery and storage cellars. Such trips are calculated for both experienced wine connoisseurs and beginners. During the wine tour, an experienced sommelier will not only acquaint you with local samples, tell the story of each specimen, but also conduct an exciting excursion, thanks to which the life of the drink will be revealed in its place of ripening and manufacturing. When you are taking wine tours in Kelowna BC Canada you will get all of these practically.

What is the attraction of a wine tour?

In the process of such a trip, tourists who appreciate a calm, measured rest, 100% combine business with pleasure. First, the wine tour program takes place in the bosom of nature, far from the city bustle. They go to wine tours not for 3 hours, but for a couple of days. During this time you will have time to try and several samples, and excellent rest. If you are lucky with the weather, excellent sunny days in the company of good wine will be remembered for a long time. Secondly, the history of the region is recognized from the unusual side, namely from the point of view of making wine, which, in general, is logical, because the life of many localities is subordinated solely to winemaking. Third, during the wine tours, wine enjoyment goes hand in hand with the gastronomic, because a good wine cannot be imagined without the same flavored cheeses or fruits.

Some tips for a wine tourist

  1. Remember that a wine tour is not quantity, but quality. So do not rush to drink everything that is. So your taste buds are completely confused, and you will not get the long-awaited pleasure.
  2. Go to a meeting with wine, choose one or two places. Do not seek to embrace everything. Operate in a measured way: after all, it’s better to do everything one by one as it is necessary than to be greedy and thereby spoil the impressions of the trip.
  3. Usually when wine is tasted, it is not swallowed, but spit. Reputation and properties of the intoxicating goods are such that it is very simple to get drunk and lose clarity of thought after meeting with him. Therefore, we recommend that you listen to the sommelier’s advice.
  4. Unfortunately, not everyone uses the previous advice. So it will not be superfluous to take with you on a trip medications that can give you courage after a profuse tasting.
  5. Do not take a lot of things with you. Wine tours are such that, back with you, you are likely to carry a few bottles of excellent wine, the taste of which will always remind you of a wonderful journey.

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